Transportation Planning

As the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Central Naugatuck Valley Region, COGCNV is responsible for overseeing the ongoing regional transportation planning program. These activities include:

Transportation Improvement Program

COGCNV approves the region's Transportation Improvement Program, or "TIP," a three-year schedule for federally funded transportation projects.

Surface Transportation Program

The Surface Transportation Program (STP) consists of high priority highway improvements for major state and local roads in the urbanized portion of the region. Subsets of STP include the Urban Program, the Anywhere Program, the Rural Program, and the Enhancement Program.

Transportation Strategy Board and Transportation Investment Areas

COGNV participates in statewide transportation planning efforts such as the coastal corridor and Interstate 84 Transportation Investment Areas and the Transportation Strategy Board.

Regional Transit Services

COGCNV performs an advisory role in transit activities throughout the region. In addition, COGCNV conducts transit planning studies for the region.

Long-Range Regional Transportation Plan

The Long Range Tranportation Plan provides a guide for transportation planning in the Central Naugatuck Valley region. This plan analyzes highway and road congestion, commuting patterns, land use, and transit services. The plan describes the existing transportation systems and offers long- and short-term recommendations. COGCNV staff met with municipal officials in October 2000 to discuss their priorities, and staff conducted a public hearing on the plan in November 2000. The final plan was adopted by the COGCNV board in January 2001.