The Council of Governments is a forum for the chief elected officials of the thirteen municipalities located in the Central Naugatuck Valley region: Beacon Falls, Bethlehem, Cheshire, Middlebury, Naugatuck, Oxford, Prospect, Southbury, Thomaston, Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott, and Woodbury. COGCNV is one of fifteen state-designated regional planning organizations in Connecticut and is the federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), responsible for cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning and project coordination within the region.

The Regional Planning Commission (RPC) of the Central Naugatuck Valley is COGCNV's planning group. The commission is comprised of appointed representatives from member municipalities who conduct bimonthly meetings. The RPC is mainly responsible for reviewing proposals that may have an intermunicipal impact, such as subdivision and zoning applications. The COGCNV staff perform the planning and administrative duties of the organization, required by federal and state statutes. Among their functions, staff are responsible for:

  • Developing and updating the regional transportation plan and the regional plan of conservation and development
  • Engaging in transportation planning, prioritizing regional highway projects, and conducting studies of transportation needs in support of COGCNV's role as MPO
  • Promoting intermunicipal cooperation on issues of regional significance
  • Providing technical assistance to member municipalities and local organizations, including GIS maps for various transportation, land use, and environmental projects
  • Working with local and state agencies to coordinate emergency planning activities in the region
  • Providing the initial review of land use issues that are referred to the RPC for comment