About Us

When we think of an area which has a pool of unexplored potential, we think of the Central Naugatuck Valley. This region has for long been kept on the sidelines as people sought to explore other areas which they deemed to be more exciting than the valley. In the recent times, there has been a change as people have come to appreciate the beauty that this valley has to offer and the many opportunities that lie in the region. Let us walk you through the tons of options that this valley has for you.

Our Mission

We believe that this valley has tons of potential. We are not only talking about the growth spurt that we have seen in our economy, but we are also extending this potential to the influx of tourists that we have seen over the years. The government has played its part in connecting our beautiful towns to each other such that infrastructure is not a challenge to anyone touring the region.

As such, many hotels and motels are cropping up in the area in a bid to host the ever-increasing number of visitors. This growth falls in line with our belief of the enormous potential that the region holds. And thus, we created a website in which we could share our hopes for this region as we get more people to visit Central Naugatuck Valley.

What do we wish to do?

We see and admire the beautiful attractions in the valley, and we wish to share these fantastic experiences with other people. Recognizing that people have come to see what they can get from this valley, we want to spread the word on the many ways in which visitors can enjoy our sceneries. We do this by outlining the various attractions that the valley has, places in which you can stay while touring the valley, the prices of trips in the area and ways in which you can get around.

Our tour of the valley starts with preliminaries such as what you need while traveling in the region, activities in which you can take part and what entertainment activities are set to take place in the region. We also delve into what seasons are best to visit the area and why. In this way, we offer our visitors an informative guide that helps them plan on their upcoming trips to the region.

Why the Central Naugatuck Valley?

Whether you are an investor in the recreational sector or you are looking to have fun on vacation, there are tons of opportunities for you. The great thing about the valley at present is that it has many unexplored options and thus the prices are still low. In this way, what you would spend on vacation elsewhere for three days could last you a week in the valley. What’s more, the region has many attractions sites ranging from museums to dams to shrines. And the valley is excellent for outdoor activities such as cycling and fishing.

Take a break from the hassle of the city and visit the Central Naugatuck Valley for an awe-filled stay. Together, let’s explore the potential of this valley.