Welcome to Central Naugatuck Valley

A Place That's Rather Unique

As with every region, this valley has a rich past from when it built the foundation on which it stands to date. With thirteen towns to its name, you are bound to come across exciting tidbits as to how all these parts came together to form the valley that we have today. Here is how some of these towns came to be.

Beacon Falls

beacon falls CT over the green bridge

As one of the towns that lie in this valley, it has come a long way. In the beginning, the land which it occupies belonged to the Nyumps communities. The story goes that a Native American Slave came upon the area and for ten pounds and a barrel of cider, all that is Beacon Falls today became his. That was back in 1693. Later on, settlers from the Derby region came to the area and carved in more land to the town from the neighboring cities. As such, the city got to be Beacon Falls, upon much pondering over whether to call it Home. Its incorporation took place in 1871.


People know of the biblical Bethlehem and are thus always amused at this town’s name. This curiosity has offered the city an economic boost, following the falling of major industrial centers in this valley towards the end of the twentieth century. Visitors get to laugh during Christmas as they get to send their mail from the town to people across the globe. Thus, on receiving it, the respondents enjoy the thought of having received a card all the way from Bethlehem!

Their post office is pretty busy during the holidays as people scramble to get their mail sent before the season comes to an end. If you are visiting the town during Christmas, it would be a great time to post some postcards to your loved ones.


First Congregational Church, Cheshire CT

Theirs is a story of a fight for independence. The town started off in 1694 with some settlements. Then, it was known as New Cheshire Parish and was part of Wallingford. They tried many a time to be free of Wallingford, and after several tries, they were triumphant. They got their incorporation in 1780.


Seeing that this town lies in the middle of Waterbury, Southbury, and Woodbury, residents decided that Middlebury was the appropriate name for it. Thus, it got incorporated in 1807 as Middlebury. The town has a small population which stood at about seven thousand in the last census.


This town started off as a farming community back in the early eighteenth century. Over time, residents embraced the industrial revolution and begun venturing into manufacturing industries, with the rubber sector taking the lead. With the falling of these industries, the town transformed into a haven for real estate developers. There is a large population of middle-class residents in the area as living in Oxford and Middlebury proves to be more expensive over time.

What can you do in the valley?

From amusement parks to tasteful, artsy places all the way to bars, there are many entertainment venues in the valley for both adults and children. Other entertainment areas include bowling alleys, coffee bars, restaurants, ice cream bars, international eateries, fast foods, golf courses, spas, salons, fairgrounds, libraries and historical places.

Thus, summarized, the entertainment life would fall into the categories of arts, parks, museums, nightlife, shopping, zoos and fabulous places to eat.

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It has the same name as Oxford in England, and it got its incorporation in 1798. In the nineteenth century, many of the people residing in this town moved to other regions to secure jobs in factories that paid better wages than those in the area. Following the fall in industries, people started heading back to the town, and the economy grew fast. It is one of the dominant economies in the Central Naugatuck Valley.

The stories of the growth of CNV towns are beautiful and full of promise to the residents who work to ensure that their legacy continues through the years.

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